RocketstarMedia – Founded in 2018 by James Elam

In the spirit of ideas helping local businesses, or really anyone who wants to share a vision, build a brand, promote services or products, RocketstarMedia is a Video Content Marketing Co. that’s bring people together to discover a real experience driven by graphics, video, and sound. At RocketstarMedia, video, and media combine to spark deep connections between individuals. These local and even worldwide brands are branded by RocketstarMedia and are excellent ways to reach whatever audience you are looking to connect with.


RocketstarMedia is a media organization devoted to helps individuals and businesses share their visions. Started as a video production company in Idaho over 15 years ago, RocketstarMedia has grown to support those world-changing ideas with social media, web design, and video production. We typically come to your location, get an understanding of your vision, and how we can integrate that vision into a video content marketing plan.

RocketstarMedia ranked in the 10 Best Boise Social Media Marketing Agencies in 2020 by Expertise.com. RocketstarMedia offers a training library where individuals, businesses, and even marketers may subscribe to raise their marketing strategies to new heights. RocketstarMedia is behind emerging brands such as Boise Design Center, Steotwawki, Blackeaglesgear, BestBoise, CK Rogers Construction, BestBoiseChiro, RipoffSolutions, and FourEyedGlasses. RocketstarMedia’s founder James Elam, has also worked on projects for Disney, Best Buy, Warner Bros, World Kidney Foundation, The Ada County Sheriff’s Office, The Veterans Association, United Way, and many businesses, individuals and YouTube brands. RocketstarMedia is helping world-changing innovators from the Treasure Valley and beyond to impact their audience with remarkable projects and social media content.