The Most Powerful Yet Simple Website Builder

The Most Powerful Yet Simple Website Builder


About the project

VersaBuilt is a manufacturing robotics company located in Boise, Idaho. Their flagship product is the VBX-160 and the Multigrip soft jaw which allows a robot to tend manufacturing of parts without a human handler.

This automation allows a production plant to operate without as many skilled workers and output more throughput by using a machine that can work even when the lights are out and no one is in the plant.

The videos I was charged with making were for operations, technicians, end users, and marketing.

In addition to writing technical scripts, producing videos, and creating original graphics, I also created the support knowledge base which connected support documents and videos to requests submitted by users.

These videos and the knowledge base end effect is less travel and expenses for robot technicians as end users and dealers would have the support to install, maintain, and repair machines on their own.

Videos are also valuable in selling machines as they help the potential buyers aware of how the technology works and how it can be of a benefit to them and the success of their operations.


March 20th, 2018


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