The Most Powerful Yet Simple Website Builder

The Most Powerful Yet Simple Website Builder

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We offer a broad host of services to boost revenue streams and build your brand while delivering digital experiences which will inspire your audience. Video Production, Social Media Advertising, Website Design, and more. Great stories are not just for the Megaplex; they apply to your business. We can do it all for you, or provide you with DIY options!

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Why is Video & Social Media Important to my Business?




The All-In White Glove Marketing Package with Monthly Content Creation & Management

 Moovly gives us whopping statistics: You’re 53 times more likely show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website.

Nielsen, projected the value of video ads on its platform. They learned that 74% of the total Ad Recall can be achieved already within the first 10 seconds of the video. 


Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, PPC, SME, Blogs, Video, Social Media Management, Listing and Reputation Management. We take the stress of internet advertising off your mind, so you can do what you do best.


The internet and social media can bring hundreds of thousands of people to your website. Exposing your brand and genuine image to these visitors will win you, new customers. Of course, the means you will make more money and serve more individuals who will love your brand.


Accurate listings and reputation management are critical to today's business. One bad experience and post can cost you roughly 30 potential customers. No longer are businesses found in the yellow pages, but in search engines on computers and devices. It's critical your brand is found not only in its physical location, but also online, both with your website and on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, Pinterest, etc.) Using a digital device alone will soon be the way people find locations, numbers, and the reputation of local businesses before they visit or buy. Building your content and brand now will save you in PPC, and marketing revenues in the future, again making you more money as you serve your customers, patients, or clients.


Our goal is to build your genuine brand and simplify your marketing process and make you more money. You can call us anytime with any questions and we will work to get you everything you need to be successful. This is the Brand Bounce, a full-service power up to your brand.

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Video Content  Marketing Campaign

If you currently do not have a Video Content Marketing Campaign in place, research and practice show you are losing out on large revenue streams and opportunities to have loyal ongoing fan support. Don't worry, we can help resolve this with awe inspiring results such as organic content that builds your brand reach and the bottom line - more sales!

Web Design and SEO

We can offer self-service web design in our Brand Bounce, or self-service options with logo design options. Storefronts with 0% transaction fees as compared to sites such as Squarespace or apps such as Shopify - your sales are yours to keep! Our server is secure and fast as your free hosting resides on reliable Amazon servers. Security Certificates are also included at no cost for the life of your account included in your yearly or monthly fee which will save your thousands of dollars over the life of your hosting.

Great for business websites including, but not limited to: clothing, restaurants, realtors, insurance, doctors, chiropractors, gyms, med spas,  art, photography, film, online boutiques, automative, contractors, HVAC, house cleaning services, and more.

Artificial Intelligence is a great way to serve potential clients as well as existing clients. We use AI in your chatbot as well as in Facebook marketing to get the most bang for your buck.

Google My Business & Client Services

Google My Business and Citations are a critical aspect to getting Google first page ranking and the 3-Pack. Ad creation and support is available for Google, Facebook, Instagram.

Training for increased sales using FaceBook, Social Media Dashboards, Support Knowledge Bases, and more is found in the client section and is a monthly paid service.

Our clients have access to an SOP Library, which is an awesome resource for our Non-Brand Bounce clients to successfully understand how to manage Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Social Media Sharing, SEO, and more. (The things the full-service Maxx Brand plan provides).

The Brand Bounce is a Hybrid between the DIY with some DFY such as one video session a month. Contact Us for more details.



Self-Service Web Development with Our Innovative and Easy, but Powerful Web Builder. Access to Our Marketplace for Discounts on Video Production, Marketing, and More.

Video Content Marketing will Increase your Revenue, Brand Awareness, and Customer Loyalty.

Businesses that use video are 50 times more likely to reach the top spot on Google.

We can help you make a rock-solid professional video and coordinated content marketing campaign for your business.

Internet Online Marketing with RocketstarMedia Delivers a Universe of Options.

Logo Design

We offer two different logo packs to create or enhance your branding at an affordable price.

Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach millions of potential customers. It is an art and a science, that is one of the keys to making serious streams of revenue, especially for high ticket sales.

CTA Forms

Actionable Call to Action forms for your website, such as sales funnels, launch invites, conference registrations, customer feedback or surveys, exams, services agreements, real estate listings, medical questionnaires, rental applications, product order forms, and even special invitations! The forms can be implemented within the site code or created as .pdf fillable forms.

Forms are an excellent way to take the pulse of your market using existing content and boost conversion. They can be used with strategic email communications. By providing these to loyal clients, dissatisfied, on the fence, and even clients that want you crushed into oblivion for some sad reason (hopefully without merit), the feedback you will get from all of the aforementioned parties can give you real insights on your business - what's great, what can be improved, cut back, and so on.

Who knows, you may even learn something from the "haters" and get them back. 

Form Funnel sequences do shine for repeatable actions that happen frequently such as webinars and can be updated for each event/time. If you desire to make your processes more efficient, boost sales and revenue with little output, then forms may be the answer!

AI Chatbots - Website/Facebook

It's no longer an option to be available via the phone when a chatbot can be working for you 24-7 on your website and Facebook.

Live Broadcasting

Live Broadcasting brings an enormous value to your brand as it's more heavily viewed than other videos. Live Broadcasting attracts visitors to your sight, can add subscribers to your email list, book consults, and establish you as an expert in the market. We can "fake" social media distribution channels such as Facebook, and create a polished video and make it Live, or we can produce a live video. The more distribution channels you have, the more eyes on your brand, and the more profit and returns on your investments there will be.

Self-Run Sites with SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Access.

You want to build your own site and manage your own SEO, and Marketing, but don't know how or where to start. We offer you access to our DIY Client Library where you will be provided with instructions on how to do things like SEO, Marketing, Blogging, YouTube Optimization, Facebook Pixel, and more. This is a package where you design, maintain and manage your website and social content but have the resources to be your own web specialist if you wish. This is for the start-up or business that needs to do it on their own and do choose to budget for DFY (Done For You) services. If you need a full-service plan, then you'll want to check out the Maxx Brand or the DIY/DFY Bounce plan.

Web Design Self Builder Web Promo Plans

Hosting, security, and Content Marketing will give you an unparalleled one-stop self service brought to you by RocketstarMedia.

RocketstarMedia cares about the performance of your site, your brand influence, and clean ease of use for your customers. Whether you are building it yourself or need our awesome SOP library - let's get it done!

Local Treasure Valley, Canyon County businesses can opt for option 2 that includes 1 video session per month.

Option 1

$49 Month

Access to the SOP Library. Within ten minutes of order fulfillment, you will receive access to a password protected page so you can take the library for a test drive, and we guarantee that you'll start laughing all the way to the bank. (SOP's are for personal use and cannot be sold or redistributed). Coming Soon.

Option 2

Contact for Pricing

We will shoot video for your business once of month so you have video for your video content marketing campaigns. This is for local Treasure Valley, Canyon County businesses.

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